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Just For Fun.

Did you know that scientists like to have fun too? On this page, I want to share some of the artsy activities that I enjoy doing in my free time. Work-life balance is crucial, and after a long day at work, it's important to engage in activities that fill my heart to ground myself. Here, I will be sharing some of my favorite recommendations and artsy projects that you might find interesting. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Book Shelf

Leisure Reading 

Who doesn't love reading? Here are some books spanning from fiction to non-fiction that I really enjoyed reading. 

Record Playing

Invasion Ecology Playlist

I was inspired by Julie Lockwood naming every chapter of her invasion book after a song title. I created a playlist of songs that made me think of concepts within invasion ecology and listed an explanation for why I added each song to the playlist.

White Brush Strokes

Arts & Crafts

Here I display the products of some of my hobbies (painting, woodworking, crocheting, embroidery, etc.) I describe what the product is, and why I created it. Enjoy :D

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