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Science Communication

Ecology is a fascinating field, but sometimes, the technical terms and complexity of concepts used in research can make it a bit hard for us to wrap our heads around, and connect to the content. I have been trying different approaches to make the content within Ecology more relatable & exciting for all. 

Take a look at my NightSchool talk on invasive species and their impacts.

 Ecology concepts through analogies, metaphors
& similes

 I have been advocating to explain terminology and concepts within Ecology in a more relatable & exciting way for a broader general audience to connect to, through the use of relatable examples & common language.


I led a workshop where the Larios lab came up with great ways to explain common Ecology terminology in a fun and clear way. Here are some of the products of that workshop, enjoy.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Take a look at my article on using embroidery to promote inclusivity in STEM. Don't forget to check out the other amazing SciArt approaches to reach wider audiences!

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