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About Me.


I grew up admiring the diversity of flora and fauna both in Southern California where I grew up, and in Zacatecas, Mexico where my parents grew up. I was never exposed to careers in ecology in grade school, but when I got to college, I realized that I could make a living off of my love for nature! I immediately switched my major from Physics to Environmental Biology, and have been happily working in the field of Ecology ever since. 

I aim to secure a faculty position at an institution where I can continue my passion for mentoring and teaching, while bridging the gap between scientific research and land practitioners to address environmental concerns. Below is an infographic I created to visualize the translational ecology approach I take towards solving pressing issues.  


Gizmo, my fellow weed warrior.

© Clarissa S. Rodriguez


Ph.D. Plant Biology- Ecology track , University of California, Riverside, 2023

B.S. Environmental Biology, California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, 2017


Botanizing, crocheting, hand embroidery, woodworking, mountain biking, snowboarding, painting, hiking, camping, practicing martial arts, tending to my 100+ houseplants!

If you are interested, check out the Just For Fun Page where I post some of the products of my hobbies & also provide leisure reading recommendations. 


One of my favorite hobbies! Click on an image to reveal the scientific & common names.

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